Invest with a Proven Team

INVITO was built out of a recognition that investors in direct energy investments face two primary hurdles to achieve superior long-term returns: misalignment of incentives between the sponsor and investor; and the over-promotion built into projects. When building IEP we began with the premise that however we structured the firm and our funds they had to both create alignment for investors and keep the costs to a minimum.
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Jared Christianson

Mr. Christianson is an accomplished engineer and innovative leader. He has extensive experience managing asset portfolios, investment strategy, and project execution. He has led the investment of more than $500MM in domestic onshore lease and mineral transactions. He has a proven track record in project budgeting, business development, engineering, operations, technology, and developing best-in-class teams. Thus far, he has deployed approximately $5B in capital investment and operating expense across multiple basins. His core strengths are team leadership, project management, technology innovation, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Christianson is the President, COO, and Co-Founder of Invito Energy Partners LLC. Prior to founding Invito Energy Partners, he served as VP of Operations & COO of US Energy Development Corporation, focusing on E&P in South Texas, West Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Prior to US Energy, he served as VP of Operations at Petromax Operating Company, focusing on E&P in Texas and Oklahoma. Prior to joining Petromax Operating, Mr. Christianson spent 9 years in various roles in technology companies innovating in the energy space. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa in 2004. At Invito Energy Partners, he is responsible for strategic acreage acquisitions and field development planning, as well as day to day operations of the business.

Steve Blackwell​​

Mr. Blackwell brings with him over 12 years of energy experience and 20 plus years of executive level experience. During his tenure as President of Petromax Operating Steve oversaw the deployment of over $100 million of investor capital into 3 operated fields where they leased over 86,000 net mineral acres and drilled 39 horizontal wells. Additionally, he oversaw the divestment process of the assets for just under $900 million with an average rate of return of 370%. In his role as Chief Operating Officer at US Energy Development he oversaw the deployment of over $100 million of investor capital into drilling 29 wells in the companies Eagle Ford shale asset. In his time at the company he was able to decrease the costs per well by 25%, increase the average EUR’s by 5% and increase the ROI. Steve holds a BS in Business Admin., Finance & Accounting from Central Michigan University

Candice Carrell

VP of Geology

Ms. Carrell has twenty-two years of energy industry experience, including roles as Senior Geologist of CH4 Energy 6, a NGP private equity company, and Geoscience Manager at PetroMax Operating Co. Prior to joining PetroMax Operating, Ms. Carrell spent 3 years in the field as Lead Mudlogger for PML Exploration Services.

Ms. Carrell has evaluated thousands of potential drilling projects, across every major basin in the lower 48 states. Additionally, Ms. Carrell’s technical analysis has led to the development of successful projects with exits totaling over $1 billion.

Core focus areas include: Wolfcamp, Bone Spring/Spraberry, San Andres, Eagle Ford, Austin Chalk, Buda, Woodbine, Haynesville, and Cotton Valley.

She earned a B.S. & M.S. in Geology from Baylor University.

Joe Del Monte

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Joe has an ability to simplify the complex and educate people so that they can consistently improve their financial picture. He draws from his two decades of experience in financial planning, investments, insurance, real estate, and oil and gas.

Joe works directly with financial advisors and individual investors to determine the proper placement of oil and gas investments inside of financial plans and portfolios. As a former financial advisor and consultant to successful financial firms, he looks at investments as tools to accomplish a goal, and is passionate for the oil and gas space because of it’s unique tax benefits and income generating opportunities.

He resides in Mooresville, NC with his wife Kristy and children Isaiah and Grace.

Joe holds a dual BS in Business Management and Marketing from Canisius University

Scott Clinton​

Sr. Production Advisor

Mr. Clinton spent 20 years working in the oil field in various field operations capacities. He moved to the corporate side in 2003, managing production operations for Unit Petroleum, Cimarex, and Linn Energy.

Mr. Clinton’s primary focus areas are the Mid Continent Region (OK, TXPH., and KS) as well as Arkoma. He has previously been responsible for $50MM in annual OpEx on 2,500 wells and has a consistent track record of successfully lowering LOE.

Mr. Clinton holds a B.S. Petroleum Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University.