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The IEP Blog and Media Appearences is a collection of original thought pieces that explore the inner workings of the Oil & Gas industry and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

Oil and Gas Investment Risks

Investment Risk – Oil and Gas Evaluations

Investment Risk – Oil and Gas Evaluations  Understanding proper oil and gas (“O&G”) investment risk analysis is at the core of a successful long-term investment strategy.  Truthfully, this can be complicated and intimidating…and as boring

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Woke Capital and the Hypocrisy of ESG Investing

As major investment firms promote their virtuous investments that maximize societal value, while seemingly scrapping their goal of maximizing shareholder value…one must ask:  Is woke capital truly committed and capable of delivering on its heroic quest,

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History of Taxes in America

As Tax Day approaches, and before the ink dries on your check to Uncle Sam, we take a moment to look back at the history of taxes in America…you know…to make you

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The Deep Link Between Health and Wealth

Every day, as an organization, we speak with individuals about the building and preservation of capital.  But along this journey with investors, invariably a few intangible factors always seem to influence an investors decision-making mindset…even more

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